Home Sweet Home – Part 21 – How To Avoid Paint Color Mistakes

Have you ever gotten the urge to paint a room in your home and sent a picture to a friend for advice on a color selection? Recently, a friend emailed me a picture of her primary bathroom. She wanted to repaint it to complement her primary bedroom. She had initially gone to a big box hardware store and selected what she thought would be a good match for her bath. But when she got home, it was all wrong. Continue reading “Home Sweet Home – Part 21 – How To Avoid Paint Color Mistakes”

Home Sweet Home – Part 20 – Is Your House Ready For Some Football?

September signals the end of summer but for many, it has a different, yet significant meaning. It is the start of football.

Both college and NFL football are an obsession with Americans–much like soccer, sorry fútbol–is to the rest of the world. Continue reading “Home Sweet Home – Part 20 – Is Your House Ready For Some Football?”

Home Sweet Home – Part 19 – Barn Doors Reimagined

Barn doors have been around for years, but they have gained considerable popularity in the past decade. Learn about three different barn doors used in the same hotel room and how they provided new twists on this old classic.

When most people think barn doors, they still think of a rustic-looking door with exposed hardware. In recent years, we have seen a plethora of barn door styles and applications. Some applications work better than others since barn doors don’t block sound as well as a traditional swing door.

traditional barn door
But one of the key benefits of a barn-style door is how it operates. Barn doors don’t intrude upon a space the same way a swing door does. This is especially important when you’re trying to allow accessibility in a small space – say, like a hotel bathroom. Big swing doors just get in the way. This is the case in many homes too.

sliding shower door
I was treated to not one, not two, but THREE barn-style doors in my hotel bathroom! The first was my shower enclosure. This door operated just like a barn door, except it was all glass. The exposed track above was polished chrome and naturally matched all the shower fixtures in design and finish.

barn door in hotel room
The next barn-style door separated the toilet and shower compartment from the vanity area. This door was flush with an elongated pull – much like that of the shower door. Very elegant.

sliding barn door with mirrorThe third door closed off the vanity area from the hallway into the room. This door was also clad in a full-length, full-sized mirror. This door would block the light that came from the awesome-lit mirror.

What was unique about these last two bathroom doors was their scale and hardware. These doors were floor-to-ceiling. As such, their tracks were in the ceiling. There is a single pin at the bottom in the floor that the doors slide on, creating a super clean and sophisticated look.

So are they barn doors, sliding doors, or pocket doors without a pocket? No matter what you classify them as, this type of door will continue to exist because of the space-saving functionality they provide; however, styles will undoubtedly continue to evolve. Today you can get them in an array of colors, styles, or materials such as glass or metal. I wonder what the future holds…

Adapted from Housing Design Matters Blog

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

In today’s unpredictable market, we all know that even the best-laid plans can go awry. When builder Richard Wallace and his wife Cindi decided to build their third home at Pleasure Island this past year, they knew it would be a different experience than the previous two builds. Both were keenly aware that there would be challenges; however, experiencing it firsthand brought things into perspective and provided an even greater level of empathy for RWB clients. Continue reading “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”

Home Sweet Home – Part 18 – Beating The Heat To Sell Your Home

It is hot. I’m not referring to the market, but to the temperature outside! It’s usually hot here in much of the south – but in places like Chicago and Boston, where they are seeing higher than normal temperatures, air conditioners struggle to keep up. Energy costs are expected to soar and, to cap it all off, many states are expecting higher-than-average occurrences of periodic blackouts to preserve the power grid. Buckle up – it’s going to be a long hot summer. Continue reading “Home Sweet Home – Part 18 – Beating The Heat To Sell Your Home”

Home Sweet Home – Part 17 – What Makes a Home “Staycation” Worthy?

Memorial Day has passed, and summer is here! What lies ahead for us this summer? Perhaps this will be the summer where many make that trip to fill-in-the-blank that was put off in 2020. Or maybe rising costs have sidelined that for another time and people will stay more local.

Perhaps some folks will even stay home and enjoy the homes they recently bought or renovated. If you are currently in the market to purchase or renovate, keep the following in mind as you move forward, particularly if you are a homebody… Continue reading “Home Sweet Home – Part 17 – What Makes a Home “Staycation” Worthy?”

Is It Time to Live at the Beach Full Time?

FrontWhether you are ready to retire or can work remotely, this beautiful home at 1313 Searay Lane, Carolina Beach will suit your needs!

This 2500+ square foot plan features four bedrooms plus a game room that could serve as a media room, an exercise room, and a craft room or office. Plus, it includes three full bathrooms—all fully tiled with designer selections including Kohler plumbing fixtures. Continue reading “Is It Time to Live at the Beach Full Time?”