Home Sweet Home – Part 5 – The Office Alcove

Who would have thought an office space in a home would be a must? In bygone years, some larger homes included an office, but it was oftentimes more for “show” than regular use. Today, in large part due to the Coronavirus pandemic, office space in the home is essential.

As you will see in Part 5 of our series, even an unused nook or alcove location in the home can be turned into a functional workspace. Repurposing a bedroom or section of that room to create a dedicated work area has also become commonplace. With the reality that folks can successfully work from home, this will continue to be a priority and a small office, now coined a “pocket office,” is essential. Here’s a brief look at the changing face of the home office. Continue reading “Home Sweet Home – Part 5 – The Office Alcove”

Home Sweet Home – Part 4 – Exteriors

Model HomeThe evolution of homes over the past several decades has been constant. Part 4 of our series takes a look at exterior styles. It seems that what goes around, comes back around albeit in a modified fashion, particularly given enough time. Here’s a brief look at changing elevation styles from the 60s to the possible next trend. Continue reading “Home Sweet Home – Part 4 – Exteriors”

Home Sweet Home – Part 3 – Fireplaces

The evolution of homes over the past several decades has been impressive. Part 3 of our series takes a look at the fireplace. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces have been around forever and in many settings make total sense. However, today’s homeowners have several intriguing options that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. And they aren’t located in just the family room today-bedrooms, kitchens, and outdoor patios also boast this charming feature… Continue reading “Home Sweet Home – Part 3 – Fireplaces”

Home Sweet Home – Part 2 – Countertops

The evolution of homes over the past 40 years has been remarkable. Part 2 of our series takes a look at the transformation of countertops. In the 1970s, and many years prior, Formica was basically the only choice. It was invented in 1913 and reigned supreme for decades. In the 1980s, Corian gained considerable popularity. By the 1990s tile countertops made an appearance. At the turn of the century, granite started coming on strong. But 20 years later, many homeowners are seeking a new material. Welcome quartz… Continue reading “Home Sweet Home – Part 2 – Countertops”

They Said Yes!

Yes to the House Richard Wallace Builder, Inc. started the spec home at 516 Charlotte in late-December 2020. Just 6 weeks later this West Indies sprawling ranch sold! The happy buyers will be in by the end of summer and start enjoying “island life”!

If island living sounds appealing, we have more speculative projects coming in 2021. We will be building a Sandpiper I floorplan, approximately 2,600 conditioned square feet at 1413 Bonito Lane and four luxurious duplex homes at 1310 Snapper Lane, both located in Carolina Beach. If you already own a lot, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to build one of our plans or to help you design the coastal home of your dreams–one that will suit your needs perfectly. So, say “YES to the address”– (Pleasure Island) and contact us to learn more about the RWB building process!


We are Now Building at River Bluffs

Spec HomeRichard Wallace Builder, Inc. is now building at River Bluffs, a unique riverfront community located in Castle Hayne just minutes from downtown Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach. Make plans to tour our completed model at 319 Cornubia in the early spring of 2021. Our spec home, located at 323 Cornubia, will be finished by April 2021. If you act quickly, there’s still time to make some “personal selections” to create the coastal home of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more!