Home Sweet Home – Part 35 – High Glass Design

Of course windows play an amazing role in the design, livability, and enjoyment of our homes as they let in natural light and help to expand the space. High glass brings in light without compromising privacy which is important here at the beach. But there are several nuances when it comes to high glass including where to use it and what size is appropriate.

Which rooms benefit the most from high glass?

For obvious reasons, bathrooms greatly benefit from high glass as it is a room that demands privacy. Perhaps you remember when it was common to show a large 4′ by 4′ window above the soaking tub in the primary bath. While it looked awesome and let in incredible light, it offered no privacy. To address this concern, frosted glass or glass block was installed. We’ve long since moved on from those faded fads, and found the perfect application for high glass.

Over The Shower

Although soaking tubs are still popular should your primary bath be large enough, many homeowners have switched to a spa-like shower. If your home has 10′ ceilings, then you have plenty of options to add high glass in the shower area.
If your home has a 9′ ceiling, you could sneak a piece of high glass up at an 8′ head height. A two-foot-tall piece of glass with a sill at 6′ adds a lot of light and still maintains privacy.

Over The Vanities

Another popular spot for high glass is over the vanities. Again, this is easy with 10′ ceilings. But as the ceilings get lower, the amount and size of glass gets compressed. Now you have to consider the top of the mirror. If your light fixtures are placed over mirrors, a good solution is to place high glass between the vanities and their corresponding mirrors.

Dining Rooms

Another popular place to add high glass is to the dining room. Oftentimes this is supplemental glass that acts as an accent/design element.
Many times the dining room is on the side of the house where we have another house about 10′ away. While dining rooms don’t require the same amount of privacy as a bathroom – no one wants to see their neighbor staring into their home while you host a dinner party.

The good news here is the size of the glass in the dining room isn’t constricted by mirrors. Adding three 2′ by 2′ pieces of glass along the dining room wall creates a great look. I recently visited a home where they added only two larger pieces of glass at 3′ by 3′. The result was a larger area of glass and less labor to install. Sounds like a win win!

High glass serves a crucial role in bringing natural light into spaces where we want to maintain privacy. Thoughtful sizing and placement will bring cheer to even the most challenging rooms in the home. So whether you are designing a new home, or remodeling an existing one, be sure to give high glass some careful consideration.

Adapted from Housing Design Matters Blog