Home Sweet Home – Part 6 – Outdoor Living

We have looked at the dramatic changes in homes over the past several decades–everything from front elevations to owner’s bathrooms. Our final segment looks at one of the most significant differences in today’s homes versus those built in the past 50 years–outdoor living spaces. Whereas basic pools and simple grills did exist in many backyards in the 1970s through the early 2000s, the unique outdoor elements that nowadays create an exceptional outdoor oasis or sanctuary were virtually nonexistent in decades past. Take a peek at some of the outdoor living elements that are popular in today’s homes. These, plus other innovative outdoor living concepts, will continue to factor into the home of the future–particularly in temperate climates like we enjoy here at
Pleasure Island…

Summer-Ready Outdoor Living
Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. For many, this was the first holiday without being locked down. Will this year be a repeat of the staycation of last year or are folks apt to start traveling again? For many who were either remodeling or moving last year, this is also an opportunity to enjoy their new or upgraded homes to the fullest. Outdoor living has been gaining in popularity for years, but demand has surged in the past year – particularly for remodels.

One very popular outdoor living option in Florida is the expanded outdoor living option. This would be an extension on the standard outdoor living space to feel more like a free-standing cabana. This is the perfect place for a cabana bar – complete with a TV of course. The free-standing version of this has become a very popular addition to houses with large enough backyards.


Putting Greens and K9 Turf
Putting greens are low maintenance, always green, and provide a fun outdoor activity.

Putting Greens and K9 Turf

Water Features and Waterfalls
Whether a fountain or a full-scale waterfall, moving water creates both a soothing sound and when lit at night, magic moving light reflections. Moving water also has the added benefit of drowning out unwanted sounds – like adjacent road noise.


Barbeque Grills
If you’re fortunate to have a summer kitchen built into your covered patio, you’re a happy griller come rain or shine. But many jurisdictions are requiring grills under covered spaces to have an accompanying vent hood. This makes an after-market addition much more difficult. Fear not, I have seen some exceptional examples of outdoor grilling stations that would make any grillmaster happy.

Built-In Grill

Firepits and Outdoor Fireplaces
Okay, this is probably more of a winter outdoor living feature when the weather is colder, and the days are shorter – but I’d be remiss if I wrote a blog on outdoor living without mentioning it. As far as I’m concerned, roasting marshmallows is a year-round event.


Adapted from Housing Design Matters Blog